Sunday, March 09, 2008

Noster Nostri - Part 4

As she welcomed me into her humble abode, I couldn’t resist feeling proud of her achievements. Here was a woman I loved and her success in her career had positioned her as a yuppie homeowner. It was a single bedroom unit, but it was hers, ours if she intended and I would no doubt move in with her in a heartbeat if she so desired.

Contrary to what my friends would have thought, having a more successful woman as my other half would be a big crush on my sensitive male ego but it was at this time, looking lovingly at her as she held my hand and walked me around her home, showing me the well-kept bedroom, the clean and ready to go kitchen as well as lighting up my cigarette as we stood at the balcony and admired the lights flickering from the ships anchored far off East Coast while we basked in the quiet of the night, I would have given anything away in life just for this wondrous moment. To be holding her close in our own little quiet space.

“Baby,” I whispered as I drew on another puff, “If you ever need someone to help you out with the chores at home, and if you don’t mind, let me know.” It was all I could offer but I meant it sincerely.

With her head laid on my shoulder, her arms locked in mine; she shushed me and said that the spare keys are mine and that this was as much mine as it was hers. We stood on the balcony for what seemed like an eternity as I slowly finished my smoke. The gentle and cool night breeze caressed us as we stood close silently, watching the traffic from ECP passing us by down below and the faraway lights of the sea vessels looking like reflections of the night sky.

I was still admiring the scenery when she left for the kitchen to get a tissue to put away my cigarette and to prepare some dessert and drinks for the both of us. I went into the living room and sat on the couch, still brand new with a refreshing scent that she must have applied. The place was done up simply, a TV and a DVD player was all she had for entertainment and instead of ceiling lights, the place was dimly lit with a warm and soothing hue from the wall lights. The coffee table, of mahogany wood made, was bare save for an elegant glass vase with apple white colored baby tulips.

As I lay back on the couch to relax, the only sounds I could hear were the almost indistinct engine noises from the vehicles traveling along ECP, with the occasional sharp motor sounds from a passing motorbike. It felt surprisingly good. She came back out with 2 glasses of red wine and some grapes on a small plate. “Sorry dear, nothing much left in the fridge but I hope you don’t mind some super sweet red grapes. Seedless too, the way you like them.”

“I really like your home. I feel that I’m like in nirvana being here. It’s like I can be oblivious to anything here and just forget all my worries.” She was putting on a CD in the DVD player and turned around to look at me. “Hon, I let you listen to my favorite artist, Kevin Kern.” Beautiful and soothing piano tunes began to softly permeate the living room as she came back and sat beside me. We listened to music and shared the grapes, playfully trying to feed one another. We would be the poster boy and girl for the word “Blessed”. Locking our arms while holding our wine glasses, akin to what newlyweds would do on their wedding night. We sipped wine and just reveled in one another’s company. We were still clothed in our work wear but there was no attempt to go further on either of our part, we were just plain old happy and I daresay, very much in love with one another… True love…

I was the first to make the move though. I slipped my free hand onto her face to push aside a runaway strand of hair that fell across her face. Pushing it behind her ear, I kept my hand lingering on her face and touched her cheeks so softly, as if any harder would despoil her beauty.

Her hand too held mine as I caressed her face, her beautiful eyes looked knowingly and lovingly into mine as we moved closer and locked our lips, not for the first romantic time, but it was certainly not the last. My heart throbbed wildly as I shared the kiss with my one and only. The woman that I took 30 over years to find and to finally hold close and to share all the dreams we had. The gentle searching of tongue and lips soon gave way to a harder and stronger yearning as we hugged each other tighter and soft moans from her soon replaced the soft tunes that were swirling around us both.

Wanton desire overwhelming me, I pushed her back against the back of the couch and straddled her, both my hands pushing her hair back as we kissed and kissed, never showing any signs of letting up except to break occasionally to catch a breath but locking up again as if we were each other’s source of oxygen.

Her hands explored my back and pulled my buttocks closer to her, keeping our bodies barely a few inches apart. Yanking my shirt up, she had access to my bare skin and ran her hands and nails over it, skin on skin, increasing my yearning for her exponentially. Her breaths were hurried but controlled and somehow I knew that we both wanted this night to last forever and since there was no one else in our world, no commitments, we would stretch the night for all it was worth.

I felt a wet tear on my face and broke the kiss to rub it away. She smiled that same smile that I loved, “You ok dear? How come crying?” I saw that her eyes were wet with moisture but she shrugged it off and pulled our foreheads together as she held my face. “Nothing hon, I just wanted to tell you, there is nothing more that I wish for anymore after I have you. And I’m not going to let you go ever, because I know you are the one for me.”

“I’m never going to let go too, you know?” I wiped another tear that seemed like it was going to streak down her face. “Don’t cry babe, we only cry when we are sad. But if you are happy for us, keep the laughter and smiles coming, because I live for them as I live for you. And as long as I can make you laugh and smile, I will do so, because I love you…” With that we locked again in another round of never breaking kiss, her tears came much more freely but I was there to wipe every single one of them away.

We must have spent the last half an hour locked in each other’s orifices when she suddenly made the move to unbutton my shirt and pull it away from me. I returned the favor and removed her blouse, revealing her black bra that served little purpose to hide her luscious breasts that lived in my fantasies so often when I was alone and dreaming about her. I cupped her mounds and felt the hardness of her nipple trying hard to push through the bra cup.

“Dear, I think it’s time for me to go shopping with you for lingerie. I like those bras where the catch is in the front so I can remove it while I can still look at your face.” She had a habit of applying perfume on her cleavage and whiffs of her scent greeted me as I bent down to kiss her breasts.

She giggled at my remark and sat straight up while pushing me backwards so I could have a full frontal view of her body. “Its easy hon, you just look at me now while I remove it for you.” Her hands went to her back and her bra was off in moments. Her assets fully freed from their restrictions, they called out to me invitingly as my hands seemed to have a life of their own and somehow ended up playfully tickling her already erected nipples as well as touching smooth skin.

As my hands were busy toying with her breasts, I sat beside her while she started work on removing my pants. It wasn’t an easy feat as I had already been showing hints of a belly but yet I still stubbornly refused to buy new pants to fit in and continued to squeeze myself into my already too tight pants. I gave out a sigh of relief and welcomed the comfort when my belt and zipper was removed. Her breasts were soft and youthfully bouncy and try as hard as I might, I couldn’t stop caressing them. It made it easy for her as she met no resistance as she stripped me to my underwear – not that I would resist my loved one anyway.

My throbbing erection was already fighting to be released from my briefs as it was pushing its head hard against the elastic strap, seeking freedom. Freedom came when she slipped her hand into my briefs and stroked it, as if calming a trapped animal. I lifted my butt in order to help her remove my briefs and then I was totally naked.

“Dear, I wish we’d known each other when I was younger. My body would have been in a better shape for you. I feel so… old now…” I regretted not keeping my body in shape, being used to life in an office and letting my body fade to middle-age-dom.

She kissed me full again and only broke to tease, “You are really a silly old man, Grimnar.” And she leaned close to kiss again. She pushed me against the couch now as it was her turn to sit astride me. She pulled her skirt up around her waist, exposing her panty and took my hand and positioned it to touch her womanhood.

Not wanting to disappoint her in anyway, using my thumb and fingers I touched her and felt her wetness soaking through the fabric of her panty. Her all familiar scent came to me, just like the many times before when we petted but not going so far as to make out. I slipped a finger through the panty and felt her warm, wet and wanting flesh. Her clit was engorged and easy to find and I focused my efforts on it. The reward I sought was to have her moaning and squirming at my touches.

Not sparing her breasts any rest time, my other hand cupped and squeezed at them while my mouth suckled her nipples, biting them softly occasionally and using my teeth to scrape along her areolas while my tongue flicked and wetted her nipples. Never sparing her a moment of rest, I alternated frenching her like long lost lovers and focusing on her breasts while my hands were stroking her back or breasts and as well as masturbating her.

I wanted her to have an orgasm if all these could manage it and it did seem that she was getting close. Her body arched towards me, pushing her breasts deeper into my mouth as I was sucking it. She held my head tightly within her bosom and I realized I already had a finger deep within her pussy as my thumb continued to rub her clitoris semi-violently. My arm muscles were sore but I ignored it and put it aside. I knew she loved every moment of it and I was not going to let it stop and tonight we were going to be going all the way.

Her moans became more audible and her body jerked harder than ever before, buckling under all my efforts. In between kisses and breast loving, she was softly exclaiming, “Dear! Dear!” which then drowned off into more moans of pleasure.

Her orgasm came audibly hard as she gave out a loud shout of immense pleasure as I felt her vagina walls locking tight against my finger as she held me to her breasts. I could smell her Bvlgari fragrance on her bosom as she gave in and I could feel her legs shivering while she was stuck in the throes of an orgasm. I stroked and caressed her back while she slowly recovered from it and breathed more steadily. My hand was completely wet with her fluid now and her panty was soaked with her juices as I helped to remove it. The room smelled of raw sex and it just turned me on even more.

We embraced again, kissing as though we just started once more while she slid her hand below, held my hardened yet neglected manhood and positioned it for entry.

“Babe, wait! Condom?” I asked as I held her back. “You said the bedroom has them?”

She kissed my forehead and pushed me back against the couch and then I was suddenly in her. Her warmth and wetness engulfed me as we finally merged into a single being. I was at a loss for words and felt a deep tug within me as I closed my eyes and felt her vaginal muscles close in on me and hug me too within.

“I lied darling.” She whispered into my ear. “I will never need condoms with you.” She started to ride slowly, her silky wetness and the raw sensation of our love sending me waves upon waves of pure pleasure. My hands held her waist as if to steady her when she bucked too violently and also to stop her to kiss when I was close to my own orgasm. I didn’t want it to end so soon but her sexiness, coupled with my love for her and everything else tonight only seemed to accelerate my coming.

“Just come inside me, you silly boy.” She rode harder now, making it impossible for me to keep myself from coming. “Then we can shower and clean up and do it all over again and again!”

I was trapped and had no other recourse except to listen to her. My muscles tensed all too familiarly and I bear hugged her close and grunted my own orgasm into her. Throbs upon throbs of love spilled forth and filled her insides as I weakened and held her close as the after effects of my tremendous orgasm washed over me.

We held and embraced till I had gone soft and slid out of her. She giggled and led me to wash up in the shower. With her hints of more to come tonight, I groaned in pretense of tiredness but she was always the sexily playful other half and got me erected again in the shower and we ended up making out in the bathroom within moments.

We spent that night without sleep. Both of us bringing one another to orgasm after orgasm as much as we could manage it and it was around 5am when I was standing at the balcony again, taking a smoke when I looked up into the clear skies and found black nothingness’. I smiled evilly at the sky which was devoid of all stars.

She came up silently behind me and hugged me from the back, naked breasts pushing against my back. I turned around to face the woman of my life and opened my mouth, wanting to say something, but no words came. Inside I was a boiling pot of emotions, there was so much I wanted to share with her, my thoughts, my life and my everything but I was speechless at this juncture.

She seemed to know it and held a finger to my lips, effectively keeping me silent. She tiptoed and kissed my lips, purposely tracing her nipples along my chest as she did that.

“Sex can exist without Love. But Love cannot exist without Sex.” She pulled me away from the balcony and back into our love nest and we spent the next few hours till daybreak making more love…

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Noster Nostri - Part 3

"You don't need to be perfect, to be perfect for me." With that said, I pulled us down to sit on the sandy ground. The waves lapped the shore, whilst the light coolness of the seabreeze caressed us both. "Come babe, it's your day today." I motioned to clear the ground of pebbles as best as I could as she sat down, held my arm and leaned against me.

"What day? Today nothing mah." She gave me a little bite to my shoulder, the way she always did when she felt kind of frisky. I smiled secretly at the thought of us "frisking" one another later, as though as our fates would criss-cross and finally entwine in a fiery ball of passion.

I started to play the recording of yours truly on the mobile phone and thank goodness my little old Sony Ericsson had spunky speakers and the recording was audibly loud even with the noises from the sea surrounding us both.

We held another closer, not only from the cool night but part of it was to listen in to the solo rendition being played over the phone as well as just to be physically close to one another. "I declare that today is your day, for me to give you surprises and to remind you how much I love you. That's why it's a special day." She allowed me to plant a loving kiss on her forehead as she listened intently to me singing Quando Quando Quando, a special recording just for her.

As the song ended and all that left was the sounds of the waves crashing upon the shore, she looked at me and put her arms around my neck and pulled me close. Our foreheads rested against one another and the tips of our noses gently touched. "Dear, that is soooo nice. No one ever sang and recorded a song for me before. Thank you so much. Really can feel how much you sayang me." We kissed again as the stars shone upon us. I was not sure about her, but I felt that there was nothing in the world I would not give up for this moment. With her.

And then there were 2 surprises left...

After staying put for a little while, I guess the chill crept up to me and I began to shiver from the cold. She must have felt the same way as she suggested we go back. As we walked back hand in hand, I popped the next surprise on her as I was already dying from keeping it from her and wanted to pamper her all over again.

"Baby, you know there is more to come. That recording was just showing you a little of tonight. I have another surprise for you." We stood outside the car as I unlocked the doors, none of us willing to let go of one another in order to enter the vehicle.

She laughed gaily and pushed me against the drivers' side door and pushed her body against mine. I inhaled all of her wondrous all-women scent and felt a new sensational high. "Dear, all I want is for you to be healthy so we can be together always. Your gifts pale in comparison to you, and all that I ever will need is you and that will always be my true feelings."

"Since when you so good with words huh?" I chuckled and gently pinched the sides of her bosom making her pull back with feigned disgust at my cheeky antic but soon we were again embracing and kissing for the umpteenth time tonight. "Really babe, I have another surprise for you. It's in the car."

"Honey, you won't need that tonight. I told you I prefer to be raw with you tonight." She giggled as she passed that statement as we entered the car, her reference to condoms lingering in my lust filled mind.

I opened the glove compartment and in it lay the present, all wrapped up and ready for it's discovery. She goshed upon seeing it and as I held it up for her, her eyes seemed to well up in tears as she knew what it would be seeing the brand on the gift emblazoned across the length of the pink ribbon.

"Oh my god. Don't tell me you spent money on this!?" She exclaimed incredulously but she must have felt excited with it as she took it and began to open it up. When the box opened up, she took out the red pouch and pulled out her next surprise. "Oh man! Dear! Dear!" Words could not describe her ecstacy as she held up the necklace I had gotten.

"Come, let me help you put it on."

"Dear! I... Thank you so much." I wiped a tear from her eye as I took the necklace and helped her with it. Some people say that jewellery makes a woman look prettier and much more feminine. In her case, I would dare say she made the necklace look so much more beautiful that it ever would be on the inanimate dummy in the boutique.

As I leaned back and gave her the full once over with the necklace on, she was truly like a princess, my princess. Her smiles and her total look of happiness and surprise was worth much more than what the necklace would ever cost. I was a very satisfied man and beside me was the woman I loved more than anything. I was in bliss. And I hope to God that she would feel the same way too.

Without a word, she leaned over and hugged me once more as I fumbled to start the car and to turn on the airconditioning. No words were exchanged but I could feel a tear of hers streak down between our cheeks.

And then there was 1 surprise left...

As we left the sacred sanctuary of Sembawang and entered the main road leading us back to her home, she held my non-driving hand and gave me a little surprise of her own. "Dear, tonight can you drive me to someplace else?"

"Where would you like to go? It's quite late already now." I glanced at the clock on the dashboard and saw that it was close to 11.30pm.

"Head to Mandarin Gardens." She replied. "I haven't told you that I rented a place there to stay and just moved in a few days ago. Our little love nest." She squeezed my hand tightly and lay on my shoulder.

Whoa! My mind just went into overdrive hearing that from her. We now have a place of our own and that just made my plans tonight sweeter by the minute! I nodded my acknowledgement and just drove on quietly, my mind in a whirl with all the little plans of lovemaking, myself surprising her with a meal after work one of these days and also of dropping by secretly and leaving secret love notes in obvious places for her to discover on her own.

"Wow! How come you never tell me about it? Do I get a spare key too huh?" I quibbed in jest and I pulled into TPE and accelerated past the posted speed limits towards ECP.

She laughed as she pulled out a bunch of keys from her soon-to-be-replaced handbag. "See? All ready for the man of the house already. Oh and by the way, the condoms are in the pedestal beside the bed already. So no need to stopover at any petrol kiosk to prepare." We laughed together at our favorite sex joke. One that would never lose it's special meaning between us.

I pulled into the condominium grounds and she waved at the guard and showed her residents' pass as the sleepy old Indian man waved us through. I wasted no time in parking and made a show of facing a lot of difficulty while reverse parking. It was part of my plan to put the 3rd surprise in motion. Concerned, she asked me if there was a problem as I kept reversing in and out of the lot and looking at all the mirrors.

"Babe, can you help me go to the back and help me with getting into the lot? I can't see at all."

She exited and went to the back and started to wave me in. I triggered the opening of the boot and it kind of shocked her to see the back of the car open up. From my angle in the driver's seat I could not see her well but I knew she would be looking at the 3rd surprise as I positioned it perfectly in the boot and she would have seen it when it opened.

Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl. I saw her leaning into the boot and taking out the bag and then checking it out before she walked over to the driver's side. I rolled down the windows and stuck my head out and gave her a little victory sign with my fingers and smiled like a geek. She strapped the new bag over her shoulders and with arms akimbo, stared at me. "You ah. Tonight you are so going to get it." She came right up in front of me and hugged my head to her breasts, smothering my face into her body.

Her new place was on the 12th floor and as we reached her doorstep. I asked hesitantly, "Are you going to invite me in for a drink?" I tried to look as innocent as possible, roleplaying it as if it was our first date.

She grabbed my arm and held tight as she unlocked the metal gate. "Dear, you are not going home tonight! You are going to be staying the night and I will be trying my best not to let you sleep."

Goodness to goodness. The stars are going to fade and it looks like the moon will too.

- Final Part Upcoming -

Monday, October 08, 2007

Noster Nostri - Part 2

It was a cool and beautiful night as we made our way up north to Sembawang. There was a restaurant that served delicious seafood along the coast overlooking the Johor Straits. It was called the Bottle Tree Village and it was to be our dining destination for today.

As we parked and exited from the car, a wave of a "weekend resort feel" washed over me. There were 2 "bottle trees" welcoming us both at the foyer and they looked as if they were godly gladiators guarding the entryway to another world beyond. The refreshing sea breeze caressed our faces and an ensemble of activity loomed within. I could see service people walking tables of tables taking orders and delivering dishes after dishes of what seemed to be delectable chinese cuisine.

My princess seemed to be awed by the 2 ancestral trees. They seemed to exude some kind of ecological magnetism with their huge trunk near the ground which then extended and narrowed up under their short branches. Sovereignty was rightfully theirs I thought as yellow lights shone onto them, increasing their "visage".

The place was accessible only via car and there weren't many patrons around. We took our seats as close as possible to the shore so we could have dinner and look over the waters to the slowly appearing lights over the other side at JB as well as to take in the diminishing warmth from the sunset. All in all, almost perfect, at least in my opinion.

Truth be told, being in love with someone could be a very harsh affair when you begin to start giving more of yourself for her without expecting anything in return. A smile, laugh or just a general feeling of happiness that she feels would suffice to make my day. It didn't matter if I had a bad day at work or if I'm tired from the days' activities. All I wanted was a happy princess and for that, I would give anything within my power.

But sadly, the crux of it would also mean that giving selflessly may end up with a scenario that one's being taken advantage of, or even being hurt far worse than what you would expect.

In spite of all that, I knew my princess and I knew she would not be capable of the hurt that others' would have advised me against. All I felt was pure, for my lady and I would not bear to know that I've not given all that I can for her. Plain and simple.

Our dinner was sumptuous and filling. I didn't have a good appetite though but yet she kept urging me on to eat more. My girl just doesn't know what I will be doing with all the extra carbs later when I need to burn them all. We had small talk for a while and laughed at cheeky jokes. It was a fitting end to the quarter as she could let her hair down after the past few days' of hard work.

"Dear dear," I said as I picked up yet another piece of fish and laid it on her bowl, "Eat more ok? You've not been eating well these few days and your timing all screwed up."

She took that same piece and returned it to my bowl instead. "Don't want. I full already. I don't want to gain weight. Later you see me will feel sian how?"

Laying my hand on her skirt and pushing the frontal area downwards, "Oh, c'mon! I won't feel sian lah. Sayang you already too busy."

She looked towards my hand and then to me in mock surprise. I knew she was faking innocence when she pointed to my hand and wondered aloud, "Ahem! Sayang me or sayang my hamburger huh?"

It had been a long time since I laughed so freely and her laughing together with me only made me feel more strongly for her. I've heard of vaginas being referred to as abalone and pussies but somehow "hamburger" seemed to tickle my funny bone.

When dinner ended, we took a short stroll along the coastline, taking in the sights of the bright colored lights across the waters from the supposedly hustling restaurants and night markets on the other side in JB. Hands linking our bodies as one, there wasn't any need for words as the cool night breeze blew against us. The serenity and peace of the beach engulfed us in it's grasp and it wasn't long before it's grip tightened and we held another close sharing a kiss underneath the night sky.

"Thanks honey for the dinner and the night. This is really a nice place." I held her close as she buried her face against my shoulder.

I took in her soft, feminine aroma, languishing in it's sweetness. Her body pressed gently against mine and I could not do anything but to feel the all familiar urge creeping up on me. I pushed my hands under her blouse and into the bands of her skirt and felt the myriad patterns of the lace of her panty. I didn't want to rush things for now and stayed my hand, caressing her back and basically just.... holding her.

"This is your reward for a hardworking quarter end, babe. I'm not your boss at work, but now I'm your boss in bed." Without awaiting her reply, I pressed my lips against hers and we shared another one of the those what I would call, a "kiss of exotic intimacy".

I dare say that I am proud of one thing in our relationship. Since being together, we never allowed the physical aspect wane at all. The hugs still feel as good and as close as the first one. The kisses we shared still burn furiously with fiery passion and my desire for my little expeditions to touch deeper, or to explore further still rage on without any hint of slowing down.

As we broke our kiss, she held me tighter than before and I looked up to the sky and silently mocked the stars.

How long more do you think you're going to stay shining and blinking, my friends?

-to be continued -

Friday, September 28, 2007

Noster Nostri - Part 1

I was in a dilemma. Repetitive feelings of heart wrenching hurt coupled with the constants thoughts of what-to-do surged within me again and again. Everything was going so well until this. And this was what I had never expected, never wanted in the first place.

Allow me to elaborate.

As you may all know, I am head over heels, deeply entrenched in love with my Baby, a beautiful woman that I've been hanging out. Venus to me, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We have been together for almost a year now, the pleasant memories of our togetherness flowing viciously like the waters in the Yellow River, calm to the naked eye but furiously strong underneath.

She was really one of a kind of the opposite gender. Decently naughty I would call it. I remember vividly the times where her laughter permeated the insides of the car. And how about the time when we kissed so lovingly and held one another so tightly that the area in between our bodies would create a vacuum of love. Personally, the sweetest of all was her definition of "multi-tasking" training - masturbating me while I drove on the highway and while chatting on the phone with my manager. Sigh...

Call me a pathetic failure or better yet, a staunch religious man. I have to admit ashamedly that I have yet to penetrate and discover her deepest secrets (if you know what I mean). And it was only a few days ago where I finally decided it would have to happen, that I would have to prove not only to my friends and her but also to myself that I needed to take the bull by it's horns and tell her, not just ask.

Enough being said, the fateful of a few days ago, I dropped her an SMS during the hectic work day and asked her if she would be able to meet that night - "just for dinner" I said.

It was the end of the quarter and for some people in certain job scopes, this was the period where work seemed to magically crunch up and for the same few, late nights or even overnight work schedules seemed to prevail. I knew that her role in her company was also affected by the quarter end push but I knew she wouldn't let me down especially when it was only an innocent request just for a "simple dinner".

Her reply was expected but I still felt elation and receiving her agreement to dinner. "Hi dear, sure what time?" She texted back. A little smiley stared at me with puckered lips as I read her reply and considered the time to meet. She was adamant about going to cheap hotels and her place or mine was a no-no, therefore the only option was to find a nice, secluded and dark place in Singapore and make out in the car. That's what I thought and simplicity often maketh the man.

"I come over and pick u after work. See you at 630ish ok?" My fingers flurried across the keys of my mobile, my skills at SMSing were extraordinary after months of practice, to the point where I could SMS while driving without even looking at the phone.

Her reply was simple, "ok" was all I got and it was enough. Now time to put my plan out in motion. She had no reason to refuse and I knew her period had passed. All I needed was to get her in the right mood and we'll be good. I imagined that every thrust that I would make that night would kill a shining star and I wondered how dark it would be when all the stars have died out and what would be left would be her cries of orgasmic pleasure as I push her over the brink with my long deprived sexual organ.

I made covert arrangements to allow me to leave the office early. Commitments that required me to be around till past 5pm were rescheduled. I made sure that all possibilities of being called back were an absolute nil as I shutdown my laptop on the dot at 5pm and made my way to the car. There were a couple of places I need to be in order to ensure success and there was no turning back now.

My plan involved a 3-pronged strategy. (1) Surprise her (2) Soften her (3) Serenade her

Being not much of a romantic individual, it was especially hard for me to come up with a Utopian scenario but I trudged on in my quest and thought of things that she had ever mentioned that she loved and that I could achieve without too much of an effort. Hopefully the combined surprises would make it much easier for my proposal of car sex before the night ended.

I drove like a determined race car driver gunning for the pole position to achieve my first goal. The destination was to a famous jewellery boutique at Ngee Ann City to pick up something special that would befit my princess. Getting there wasn't a problem. The problem that kept me feeling impatient and frustrated was the crazy after hours traffic. You know what they say in Singapore - Ferrari's are like handicapped cheetahs stuck between elephants' backsides, no matter how much they turn to get out, they will still face another ass.

Thankfully the ordeal didn't screw the Plan up too much. I was slightly late when I exited the boutique with a beautiful piece for her wrapped up nicely in a pink box and tastefully tied with a red ribbon. Now onwards for the second surprise.

It was to be only a short walk across the street to Paragon to select an exquisite ladies' bag for my Baby. I knew what I already wanted to get as I had scoured the web prior in the office for it. She would like it and I knew her existing one was slightly worn out and needed a replacement. Nothing for the best for her I thought as I made my payment.

Now if my friends, once they knew about what I had done, would definitely pepper me with snide remarks of "geylang is cheaper!", "wah, she so worth it meh?". But although all that I am thinking about now is the physical connection with her, my heart still throbs with passionate love that I had felt from day one.

A quick rush back to Ngee Ann City later to pick up the car, I proceeded directly to her workplace to pick her up. Both surprises stored carefully in the boot, I drove more mildly now, protecting the gifts. My mind was now on the third installment of tonight's surprise as I arrived at her office with only 15 minutes to spare to 630pm. The third surprise would be unique I thought. I was to record myself singing a love song to her and replay it back. The only device I had was my mobile phone which had a recording function in it.

I leaned back in the seat and thought about it for a little longer. Would this spoil what I had already gotten for her or would it aid me in tonight's plan of physical conquest? Attribute it to silly masculine "bravery" or the lack of time before she would arrive, I put in the CD for Michael Buble's Quando Quando Quando and played it once, mouthing the lyrics just to be sure I had it all memorised.

As soon as the song ended, I flipped my phone to recording mode and repeated the song again. I decided to sing over Michael's portion of the song and held the phone near so that my voice would mask his. I felt silly doing this and prayed hard no one would walk past and see this crazy man belching out silently into his handphone with his eyes closed.

It must have been one of the longest 4 minutes that I've ever experienced but somehow miraculously I finished the song word for word and as soon as it was done, I held it to my ear and replayed my rendition of it. Seemingly it wasn't to my satisfaction as I had probably held the phone too close to myself and my voice came out raspy and loud and it was sounded like a total disaster. I immediately took a quick look around and satisfied that no one was around, redid the recording a second time, knowing that it would be a do-or-die mission now because she would definitely arrive shortly and I would have not have the opportunity to redo it once more.

The second pass was more like it as I listened to myself singing earnestly during the replay. It was almost shockingly coincidental when she knocked on the passenger side window as I hit the Save button to commit my third surprise to the phone's memory stick.

With everything in place, and so far without any unexpected surprise, I flashed my best smile at her as I unlocked the door to let her in.

"Hi honey, sorry to keep you waiting." She dropped her soon to be replaced handbag at the rear seat and leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek and hugged my arm to her bosom. The tingle of my flesh touching the soft mound of her bosom was welcomed as I kissed her forehead, taking in her beauty like I always do.

She dressed simply today in a denim short skirt that revealed a small hint of her white panty beneath that I could make out. Long had I wanted to feel her wetness beyond that and make sweet, romantic love to her like what a princess should deserve.

Her blouse was a dark colored tank top with a low frontal V neck and it did little to hide her deep cleavage that I had explored countless times before, savoring her scent and hard nipples but never going more than that. She had a sleeveless cardigan on today, and her white bra strap peeked out shyly at me, as if calling out for release.

"Dear, today I've got some surprise for you. Later after dinner I'll share them with you ok?" I spoke nonchalantly, holding back my excitement at what the night would bring us both. "I got everything planned out already, including buying the condoms." I laughed geekily at that, in order to throw her off guard. The condoms were already ready and raring to go and were hidden in the driver's little compartment where it would be easy access for me later to retrieve them.

She gave me a little playful slap on the shoulder and then laid on it, "No need condoms when I use my mouth lah. I prefer to taste your rawness." Her hand laid on my crotch and caressed it gently. Before I had the time to shift to D mode and release the handbrake to move off, I was already erected as anticipation reeled within me.

Little did she know what my plans were and I smiled at her statement as I turned out of the lot and made our way to dinner.

Meanwhile, stars started to appear in the waning light of the day and I figured it wouldn't be long before I would "make" them disappear.

- To be continued -

Monday, April 02, 2007

Commercial Break [SingNet]

[Tick Tock]

The pendulum swings.

[Tick Tock]

The cold silence broken only by the sounds from the old grandfather clock that has served the family for many generations.

[Tick Tock]

Time trudges on relentlessly, oblivious to the giggles and squeals coming from within the master bedroom.

She was almost naked, save for a pair of matt black brasierre that did little to cover her beautiful assets. Her hair was tied to the back today, revealing a face that was willingly contorted in ecstacy. She looked up to the ceiling, moaning gently as she ground her crotch against his. His white cotton briefs against her newly purchased red lacy thongs were all that kept skin contact at bay.

He relished the moment, biding his time, prolonging their sacred foreplay. It had been a very wet week, raining perpetually everyday, prohibiting almost all outdoor activities. Nevertheless, his mouth smiled a smile of contentment - it was nice to snuggle in the afternoon, just the two of them, re-enacting everyone's favourite indoor Olympic "sport".

Black was the color of the leather sofa that they were making out on. The hardy material, even after years of use, was cool to the touch. He lay back in comfort, eyes on her as she straddled him, his exploring hands touching and teasing her. A fantastic female form faced him as he took in her shapely figure, moving his hands to caress her butt and at the same time, pull her towards him.

Egged on by his encouragement, her body pressed forward and she smothered his face with her breasts, allowing him a whiff of her sweet bodily scent that was emanating from within her cleavage. She maintained a steady crotch grind, and with her breasts constantly rubbing his face, it sent him over the edge as he started to shorten his breaths. He bucked his body against hers in tandem, body almost giving in to his raw instints but his mental strength keeping it in check, threading the fine line between foreplay and unbridled animalistic sex.

She held his head in her hands, playfully messing with his black hair, purposely driving him closer to the edge. A woman like that would be perfect for any horny and wanting man, a man that was right in front of her now, who loves her as much as she did him.

Hands laying weakly on the sofa, he attempted to make no advances for her now. His eyes closed and body relaxed, he was enjoying her company and the special bond they have for one another. On the other hand, they had naughtily agreed before hand that they would take turns to stimulate one another and see how much they would be able to take before the bursting at the seams with desire. It sure was a welcome change from the norm, but hell, he was finding it mentally taxing to keep on going like that!

Laying her hands on his shoulder now, she moved slowly downwards, rubbing herself against him as she crept very slowly until her face reached his tummy. As she licked his belly button, her hands freed his manhood from his briefs and allowed it to reside comfortably along the groove of her cleavage. Hardened and throbbing, he attempted to move his hands to her but somehow she saw them and held then down, looking upwards at him and giving him a crooked smile of mischief. As he relaxed his arms, he growled at her, a gentle and encouraging growl and that made her giggle. She was totally in love with this man and all she wanted now was for him to feel as if he was the most wanted person in her life right now.

Unhooking her bra, she let it drop to the floor. She looked at his hardened member, knowing how much he would want to take her now but decided to take it as far as she can for all it's worth. Her breasts bobbed gently as she started to perform a breast-press on his manhood. She positioned her nipple on it and pressed down gently, and at the same time, rubbing it upwards and down. She could almost feel his heartbeat through the shaft as blood pumped hard into it, keeping the erection on.

She knew he was really enjoying it. His body kept pushing upwards, wanting to feel more, desperate to feel her warmth. As she moved lower, she held his penis is his hand, keeping her thumb on his underside and gently massaging it. He moaned slightly, feeling the passion and the wondrous sensation that she was sending to him.

The smell of man came to her nostrils. Rubbing his dickhead against her cheek and neck playfully, she looked at him, as if waiting for a signal. He stared back at her, looking at his own shaft as well as her cleavage, not wanting to sound desperate and uneasy about asking her to begin. He didn't wait long. She held his member to her lips and kissed gently, tracing the tip of her tongue slowly downwards to his base and up again, finally planting another kiss on it. A soft "Ahh" sighed from him as the moment he waited so long for finally happened.

Engulfing his entirety in one definitive motion, she sent him spiralling into a sexual abyss. This was also her first time giving her loved one a blowjob and she was determined to make it a memorable one. In between furious bobs of her head, her hand swirled around his shaft, creating consistent tingles of pleasure surging inside him. He lay a hand on her shoulder, closing his eyes, relaxing from the initial tautness as he took in all the beautiful sensations.

Increasing her pace, she could feel the immediate effects from the jerk and tightening of his leg muscles as he was slowly brought closer and closer to an orgasm. Though the taste was slightly tangy and not exactly attractive to her, she knew she would bear anything for him. That power of what they shared could not be explained in just a few words but she loved him, and would give her all.

He knew he was going to cum, and squeezed her shoulders. It was a tough battle, fighting to give in to his instinctive reaction. But they had agreed to drive one another to the edge, and not beyond it. At least, not so soon. Hesitating for a short moment, control took over and he pushed her back, leaving his greedy and wanting shaft hanging in the open, almost ready to explode.

"Baby, stop already. You almost made me lose." He lifted her up from her kneeling position and gave her a long and warm hug, bodies joined in close proximity. She moved her hand down and held his saliva-moisted member, gently stroking it, giggling again. "Dear, you mean you don't want to lose?"

They had made a pact just earlier. It was like a game of sorts. Taking turns to stimulate one another, the first person who had an orgasm or asked to have sex would lose. Unfortunately, he lost the scissors-paper-stone and was to be stimulated first. A torturous mental challenge, at least it was fun to them as well as to see how much they could hold out.

"Nope. You are going to lose today." He replied nonchalantly. "Now's my turn because you are so tired." Ignoring her pleas that she wasn't done yet, he swopped places with her. She was seated on the sofa now, facing him. He spent no time removing her sexy red thong as she spread her legs wide open, allowing his a view of her moist vagina. At this juncture, he was really thinking about just giving up and have his way with her, making love until he had orgasm after orgasm. But a challenge's a challenge, it wouldn't be fun anymore to end it like that, not to mention he wanted to see how far he could take her.

He moved his hands to the sides of her body now, fingers drawing an imaginary line down her hips and thighs to her calves. She smiled naughtily back at him, exuding a confidence that showed how adamant she was in winning their little bet. He kneaded the back of her calves, as if he was a masseur, kissing her inner thighs, playfully licking his way up to her opening. He could smell her now, the familiar scent of her vagina. Stopping short of tonguing her, he drew back, ignoring her sensitive area and continued his slow journey up her torso and finally sucking on one of her nipples as his hands moved to caress her breasts, rubbing and massaging them gently.

She moved forward to receive his mouth and hands, pushing her body hard against his. Her arms went round his neck and pulled him closer, mashing his face against her breast, as if afraid that if she didn't, he would fall away and be lost forever. It was her turn to moan now, soft groans transfusing with short, staggered breaths.

Pushing her backwards, she lay down against the sofa, as he continued his unceasing attempt at rousing her emotions. He moved an arm in between her legs, feeling her warmth and got a rude shock when she closed her legs, disallowing him from doing anything. He peeled his face away from her body, feigning disappointment and looked at her face of innocence. He softly muttered, "Don't cheat." before he went back down on the other breast, not wanting to neglect it for too long.

Her legs relaxed, he could now grope deeper within her thighs and started to finger her weak spot. She was relatively wet now, moistness staining his fingers as he felt for her clitoris, knowing that she might relent as soon as he started to work it. It was already engorged and sensitive and he found no difficulty looking for it. Tenaciously massaging with his forefinger, he kept up his oral tirade on her breast as well as his delicate manipulation of her other breast with his hand.

Definitely creating a stronger and more potent effect, her soft moans became louder. Her arms pulled him in even more as her body responded positively. "Dear! Dear!", she exclaimed as he increased the tempo on her clit. He felt confident, she would lose if he continued and man, what a welcome for him that would be as he wanted to much to make love with her.

She did remain resolute though, with all the efforts he had put in. Slowing down his provocative activities, he decided to take it one step further. Mirroring her earlier act, he got down on his knees and spread her legs wider and held them up with his hands. Using his tongue, he traced illusory lines along her inner thighs and around her vagina, purposely avoiding her hot spot, languishing in the fact that he's slowly driving her to desperation.

It was only for a moment before her hands came down and held his head as she pushed her crotch area into his face. She was human too and it was too much to bear being tantalized beyond her limits. Without any reason for refusal, he dived in and started cunnilingus with gusto, testing if she could stay confined within her emotional barriers.

The lips of her vagina tasted so good as her flicked and licked his tongue on them, once a while moving up to the hood that could no longer border the engorged clit. It drove her crazy, especially when he gently sucked on her clit, tickling it with his tongue as her body pushed against his face. Her legs closed around his ears in response to the oral stimulation, tightly holding it in place as her hands pushed his head inwards into her as if she wanted entry.

There was a different form of entry available and he was all ready for it. Unfortunately, she would have to lose the bet and he was anticipating how much longer she would hold out. He was brought just a hairs' breadth away just moments ago and he wanted her to share the same feeling he had and more.

Her loud moans and body language belied the many sensations that must be coursing through her. Unrelenting, he kept on his oral act of arousing her. The sounds resonating in the room was now of only her moans and the deep breaths they were both taking. He could not take much more of it as well, himself being driven wild with sexual fantasies.

"Dear! I give up! I lose!", she blurted out, finally giving in. "You win!".

There weren't any more use for words as soon as he heard that. Getting back up on his feet, he kissed her full on her lips, both tasting one another and themselves. Guiding her to lay on the sofa, he wasted no time in getting themselves in the missionary position. Both parties too sexed up to care about anything else, he entered her, experiencing a warm wetness that he longed so desperately for. She buried her face in his shoulder and bit him gently, moaning repetitively as he pumped himself into her, delivering shots of pleasure that only both of them could imagine.

Both bodies already taken beyond their thresholds, they orgasmed together. Her head pulled back in ecstacy as her legs wrapped around his hips and attempted to hold him there as he continued his unwavering thrusts and finally heaving a huge groan as he injected his long held back loads of semen into her. He lay on her now, totally spent as she hugged him close and ran her hands along his back, both thoroughly enjoying the special experience, both inwardly smiling satisfied grins.

"Dear," she said in between her breaths, "Best of 3, remember? 2 more rounds to go."


Watching them was too much for me to bear. I carefully wiped my ejaculated semen from my tummy area with wet tissues. It was a simple formulae. Me, alone + Porn = Self-Service.

I haven't seen nor spoken to her for a week already. My baby has been spending many hours at work and everytime I try to communicate, she would be busy and wouldn't answer my Yahoo IMs nor my SMSes.

The new Singnet ADSL I had applied for had been making me spend more time in front of the computer for the past few days.

Porn was never choppy, and the scenes were played out extremely smoothly. The previous ISP I had been using always had buffer issues and a full scene like that would had disruptions so many times in the middle that it became too frustrating to watch.


I miss you baby, but luckily I have Singnet now.

[Tick Tock]

...and the pendulum swings...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Commercial Break [Durex]

[cue romantic music in the background]

It was a tranquil night.

The lights, dimmed down low, cast romantic shadows from the still new furniture on the wall. A lit candlelabra stood majestically on the dining table, furious flames flickering from it's yellow candles.

My heart started thumping and my brain shifted into overdrive. What day was today? Did I forget something important? Damn my hectic lifestyle! I cannot seem to remember what the special occasion was today!

Deciding to bite the bullet, I called out to her. This was yet another screw-up. There have been numerous times I forgot important days and events and I would just have to accept it like a man. It should be time to leave this hellhole of a job that I was in, where my entire life has been engulfed by it to the point where I didn't feel like I had one anymore.

Silence replied me. I entered the master bedroom, half expecting her to be in there, and the other half mentally preparing myself for a huge disappointment on her part for once again, forgetting what the occasion was.

Heart beating as if it was a drum being abused by Korean women during the Korean New Year, I noticed that she lay under the sheets, back towards me. There were 2 glasses of Mulberry on the side table. From my vantage point at the doorway, I saw her naked shoulders and guessed that she was fully in the nude.

Feeling a bit lost, seriously not able to recall the special day today, I sat down beside her lithe figure and ran my fingers across her shoulders slightly.

Her immediate response shook me. Turning around when I least expected it from a lady who supposedly was sleeping, she flipped the covers over me and climbed onto me! She was fully alert and marvelously beautiful. Did I mention fully naked too?

My eyes were treated to a full frontal view of my beautiful baby. Her soft perk breasts stared back at me nervously. The areolas were of just the right size, not too small and her erected nipples yearned for my all familiar touch.

As she yelped out a short cry of "Welcome home, Master!", her breasts bobbed sexily as she did a mock salute. This is the lady that I am head over heels in love with. Her shoulder length hair, dyed a slight shade of brown and red for the Chinese New Year, covered a adorable baby-ish look that I've yet to feel tired staring at.

Unsure of whether to smile back in anticipation of what was to come, or look apologetic for forgetting what the special day today was, I held her arms and solemnly said, "Baby, I'm sorry to forget your gift for today." I couldn't let out the fact that I forgot everything and I was totally embarassed to say the least.

"What gift? Can't a horny woman like me surprise her honey when he comes home from a hard days' work? You silly boy." Her deft fingers unbuttoned my workshirt as she started to grind the lower part of my body, eliciting a very natural and familiar response.

I pulled her close, sharing a deep and loving kiss, feeling all relaxed and relieved at her words. She is my baby, and I felt as if I was the luckiest man in the world to have her.

Buttons unhooked, she moved lower and started to work on removing my pants. I leaned back savouring the moment. The tinkle of my belt buckle being removed coupled with the raw noise of my zip being pulled downwards made me jingle with excitement. Though my mind was all numb from the rigours of the work day, my body was ready and willing.

My hardness was obvious and raring to go as she pulled my pants and briefs off at one go. I was slowly being driven mad with lust as her fingers softly caressed the underside, sending an immense sensation that made me want to skip all the foreplay and get right onto the main course.

I cupped her buttocks, pulling her towards me, wanting to end the sexual torture. She lay quietly on me, pushing her soft breasts against me. Having her crotch pressed firmly against mine, I could sense the warm wetness that silently called for me to fill.

As I kissed her forehead, I inhaled a fresh flowery fragrance that was uniquely hers. Having lost all will to hold back, I pushed my hand in between our bodies and positioned myself for the entry.

"Honey, where's your condom?" Her hand held mine as she moved slightly out of reach. "Don't be naughty. I'll put in on for you." She smiled sweetly as she held my manhood, maintaining a mind blowing routine that kept me struggling to overpower her and make love right away.

I was all ready today. Making sure she had no more reason to refuse any sexual activity with me, I had made it a point to buy and keep condoms in the car, at home and hell, even in my office for the odd chance she would visit and when naughty emotions ruled our bodies.

"I got it in the drawer, dear." I gestured to the nearby bedside table. "No more chance for you to escape anymore." I smiled confidently as she leaned over, purposely tracing her erect nipples across my torso sending out yet another small dose of sexual energy.

She took out the still-new and unopened box of condoms and stared stoicly at them, and then me.

It was again, that all-familiar look of past failures.

"Dear, I told you before and you forgot. I only use Durex."

Dammit! I'm never going to have sex!

[cue romantic music fading away in the background]

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Commercial Break [Literature]

Was wondering if anyone has this book and could let us all know what you think of the stories within? I saw it just the other day in Times but it was plastic sealed, preventing free reading.

Anyway, I was forced to give credit to Jack for teaching me how to upload the picture below. Happy now, bro?

Best of Singapore Erotica
L.Q. Pan & Richard Lord (Editors)

In this first-ever compendium of erotic writing from Singapore, we are presented with a selection of short stories, poetry and narrative nonfiction that is as hot and steamy as the city-state itself.

From the Indonesian maid to the Singaporean prostitute, the local schoolteacher to the American expatriate, the twenty-seven contributions in this book embrace a wide range of erotic beliefs and practices. Absolutely nothing is out of bounds, offering readers a glimpse into the erotic lives of Singapore's inhabitants.

Gerrie Lim, author of bestselling Invisible Trade, reports on the island's hidden world of high-end escorts in Walking The Dog, Singapore Young Artist Award-winner Felix Cheong muses on exotic dancers and their customers in Dancer from the Dance and Singapore's hottest blogger, Miss Izzy, serves up some raunchy new fiction with Club Koyaanisquatsi. Local luminaries Kirpal Singh and Robert Yeo weigh in with poetry and prose, and are joined by well-known Singapore writers Cyril Wong and Chris Mooney-Singh.

The subject of virginity loss is approached from various standpoints, in one story a Singaporean woman joyfully loses her virginity at an early age, while in another she keeps it well into her thirties, despite enjoying a steady stream of erotic fantasies. The female voice is articulated in a variety of social settings by Samarah Zafirah, Meihan Boey, Alice Lee Am and Alison Lester.

Best of Singapore Erotica is a timely addition to the small but growing body of contemporary Asian erotic literature and successfully showcases the best writing from Singapore, assembled into Asia's sexiest anthology to date.

Topiary of Love - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Reality Bites

Have I done something wrong
That you leave me so long?
Have I pushed you away
By craving your stay?

- Stephanie Booth –

Signature lush greenery welcomed me as I swerved into the tranquility of the Shangri La hotel. Renowned as a botanical haven, the main building of the hotel stood majestically amidst beautiful flora. After haphazardly parking the car, I entered the main lobby, unconsciously walking hastily, half wanting to see her as soon as possible, the other half was seemingly powered by pure lust.

The friendly doorman, a tall, well-built and royally dressed Singh greeted me heartily with a wave as I breezed past him, myself managing only a weak smile.

I had an inkling that he had subsequently verbally insulted me silently with some Hokkien expletive served with a pinch of “Singh-lish”. Taking no heed to anything else other than meeting up with my baby, I entered the hotel’s grand lobby and called her.

“Coming down dear!”, she sounded chirpy and excited upon knowing that I had arrived. My heart warmed and beat stronger in anticipation of what was going to come. A room, a bed and the two of us together. A perfect recipe on a perfect day, not to mention a perfect hotel. It was truly a blessed feeling to be me. Finally, after a hideous long time of not getting laid, I was within the grasp of making out with someone, someone who recently triggered so many emotions within me.

I thought about days past where we were only Yahoo pals and some of the more memorable chats we had. Fast forward to the first meet up cum date when I sent her off to the airport for her business trip. That first magical hug. The subsequent dinner date and the unforgettable kiss that we shared. If this wasn’t love, then what would it be?

The seconds ticked past, never to be had again. It seemed that I was waiting for an eternity for her arrival. In that short span of time, I actually looked at the time thrice, wondering if this was all a scam and she would be hiding behind a wall or pillar, staring at me, laughing at me as I stood here waiting for her, anticipating a good hot afternoon filled with unending orgasms.

My worries were unfounded as I suddenly felt two familiar arms going around me from the back and her warm presence as I was hugged tightly from behind.

I turned around and held her, our eyes locking. Her smile exuded the purest form of happiness as we embraced for a short moment. “You are so late. Looks like I have to punish you.”

Kissing her forehead, ignoring the stares from the rest of the people around the lobby, I feigned a hurtful look at her statement. “You are so beautiful today, punish me all you want.”

She took my hand and led me away to the lift lobby, both of us knowing what was to come and without skipping a beat, rushing hurriedly to our love nest. She told me on the way up that her sisters were spending the night with her as the room reservation was a “get-away” they planned for. I was invited to have dinner with the girls but for now, we had some quiet time on our own.

“Dear, before you came over I was surfing your blog again and was reading your Domestic Affair. It was really driving me crazy with all the naughty thoughts.” She stood close and held my arm so that I could feel the soft mounds of her breasts and inhale the marvelous scent that was uniquely hers.

She was dressed casually today, in a pink tube top that only served to accentuate her figure in ways one could only imagine. Her thin maroon colored bra straps had the effect of her wearing a spaghetti top. A yellow and pink casual shorts complimented the top. I found myself staring lovingly at her smooth and slightly tanned legs, legs that I would soon be running my hands over. As there were no one else in the lift, I inadvertently put my hands around her waist, slowly moving downwards to pat her butt as she laid her head on my shoulder.

We had only a couple of hours and I wanted it to be special for us. Although I just ejaculated this morning due to my own doing, I felt ready for another round and even more so wanted to impress her in bed. Though many do say that true love does not encompass great sex, I beg to differ. Great lovers and even greater sex will propel a relationship to even greater heights as sex is a fantastic way to open up, to share and to make a couple bond closer and harder.

As we made our way to the room, we held one another so close as if we were newly weds on our honeymoon. “Dear, do you want to take a shower?” She asked mischievously.

That sparked a thought of us making out all over the place, beginning from the washroom. Taking a quick glance at my mobile phone, which I utilize as a timekeeper, it was definitely a very good idea which I accepted straightaway. “Only with you to scrub my back, baby.” The day was certainly looking to be an adventure that would forever remain in my mind.

I could not remember the type of the suite that we entered but the room was beautifully decorated. It was superiorly a distant standard from my place at home, and still much more as compared to my room in my condo that was sold sometime back.

The walls, painted in beige, had paintings framed with wood panels tastefully decor’ed above the huge, comfortable looking king sized bed. There was a sofa positioned near the bed with a coffee table and I mentally took note to spend some time making out with my baby on this piece of furniture.

White fluffy pillows, still untouched, seemed to call us to them invitingly. The soft hum of the air con was almost indiscernible. Basically everything was in place and I secretly wished that her sisters would not be coming over and we could spend the whole day and night just cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to one another amidst calling out one another’s names as we climaxed together.

She broke my thoughts as she held my hand and pulled me into the bathroom, which was another huge space by itself. Brightly lit and impeccably clean and shiny, it seemed as if it would be an unforgivable sin to dirty the place. The housekeepers must be either well trained or are undeniably devoted to their work, which I fancy the latter.

We stood in the bathroom, looking at one another, not knowing how to start. It must have been some form of shyness that overcame us. I wonder if the first time is always so pure, so sweet that belied the violent throes of an orgasm later.

She made the first move, coming forward towards and locking her lips onto mine, reliving the kiss we shared just the other night whilst her arms ran around my body to hold me close. As usual, it was as if we were bonded into one as we kept at it, my tongue thoroughly exploring every part of her mouth as she bit my lips gently that only served to drive me higher with wanton lust.

Without further ado, I pulled her tube top downwards, releasing her bra covered breasts. Cupping both of them and feeling the already hardened nipples through the cup, I caressed and squeezed them slightly and getting rewarded with a soft “mmm” from her as her body pushed into me, kissing harder with desire.

I felt the cold wall of the bathroom against my back as we kept feeling one another. The kissing never let up in intensity. I was already semi hard on the way up, and was already fully erect and ready to go when we began our petting activities. I hope I am not stereotyping but I believe anyone who is truly in love, will always put his or her partner’s needs before his or her own. It was a sensation I was truly feeling right now. I wanted her to be truly happy in that sense of the word and I was glad I was given the opportunity to do so.

Thoughts aside, she started to remove my T shirt and pushed if over and off my head. Her bra came off too, freeing her firm breasts, allowing me to take a look at the engorged nipples. I felt them again, the soft skin and firmness turning me crazier with every touch.

I bent down and took one in my mouth, not sparing the other any less attention by caressing and playfully rubbing the nipple with my fingers. My tongue licked ferociously, sending little pings of sexual pleasure to her. Her moans became slightly more audible as she hugged my head tightly, pressing my face harder inwards onto her breast.

Consumed wholeheartedly by plain animalistic lust, there was no more turning back for the both of us. We were both naked in a heartbeat, hugging, kissing and her giving me little bites all over my chest, shoulders, neck and lips. With shyness already out of the way, we were threading a fine thin line between heavy petting and the actual act of copulation. Her constant moaning encouraged me further as I slid my hand between her legs and began to give her clit the attention that was so rightly hers. It was easy for my fingers to find the already hardened organ and her soft grunts of pleasure proved even more so that I had found the hidden jackpot.

The silence of the room was broken frequently with her sounds of ecstasy. We were as one, bodies tightly pressed against one another as she wrapped her arms around my neck, not wanting to let go. She was against the wall now as I increased the intensity of my movements at her crotch area, bringing her higher with concentrated efforts on her womanhood. I could tell it wasn’t going to be long before she would explode with a bang as I masturbated her to a mind rending climax.

Her lower body pushed hard against my hand and her grip around me tightened as I felt her tensing up. She gave out a short exclamation, calling out my name as her muscles tightened and seized. She held like that for a short moment, basking in an orgasmic completion. It certainly felt satisfying seeing my baby this way, her sexual closure was my doing and I felt proud of it. We gently kissed and hugged one another as her body relaxed and allowed the orgasm to subside. Her breathing reverted to normal, a stark contrast to the chest heaving and deep breaths she was taking just moments ago.

“Grim, I want us to be together always. I’m not going to let go.” She whispered into my shoulder, barely audible to me.

I hugged her tight and planted my face into her hair, inhaling her sweetness. “I love you baby. I’ll always be yours.”

“It’s your turn now, dear. What do you think if we do it doggy style?” She gently pushed me away and turned on the tap, beginning to fill the tub with warm water.

I took in her words and silently thanked the powers above. (Not that I’m religious) This was the closest I have come to be getting laid. If virginity healed over time, I would be a hundred times virgin all over again.

Stepping into the perfect, porcelain like bathtub, I held out my hand to support her as she got in as well. She sat on the edge of the tub, with my penis facing her, already fully erect and throbbing with impatience. I didn’t particularly care how we would make out today as long as we did it but her suggestion of doing it doggy style was a very pleasant surprise. Frankly, I like, no, love doggy style. It was a position which sent huge tsunami sized waves of pleasure to me.

Holding my member in her hand, she started to stroke it gently, looking up towards me with those mesmerizing eyes that I still found it so hard to pull away from. Giving me a mischievous grin, she opened her mouth and looked as if she wanted to take me in. I closed my own eyes in anticipation and wanted to languish in the undeniable act of receiving a blow job.

The seconds passed and I didn’t feel anything. Her jovial laughter soon filled the bathroom as I opened my eyes and saw her still holding me but giggling happily.

“Hey, you naughty girl, you sabo me!?” I pulled her up and hugged the still giggling woman, half annoyed and half amused at being played out.

The water was already around our legs, just past the halfway mark of our calves. “Dear dear dear, you are soooo cute!” She continued to laugh but she still held on to my manhood, stroking it gently, twirling her fingers around it, keeping me erect and wanting. “Sorry dear, I didn’t mean to disturb you but I don’t like oral.”

We sat down in the tub, me fondling her breasts as she kept playing with my penis. I found I could not bring myself to be angry with her for her playful antics and have already forgiven her when I saw how happy she was laughing and giggling. She was one of a kind and it didn’t matter whether I got a blow job or not.

“Looks like I have to punish you, baby. For being so naughty. I now condemn you to be my doggy.” I joked as I stood up and motioned her to turn around to get ready.

She shook her head, half surprising me. Not another time, I thought. Her playfulness earlier was an interesting change from the norm but if she kept playing it hard to get, it would be very frustrating for myself as I was already too sexed up and was on the brink of losing control and giving it all to the basic male instinct.

“Dear, my doggy style is different. You in front and me behind.” She said, “I won’t play with you liao. Trust me.”

Somehow, an unknown force willed me to listen. I got down in the bathtub, feeling the warmth of the water and positioned myself, doggy style, as if I was the female and wondered what will happen.

She got behind me and started to rub my back with her hands, as if she was a masseur. Her hands moved sensually up and down my back, occasionally stopping to press down on my neck and shoulders. It was very relaxing and conforting. I relaxed myself, giving in to a fantastic backrub. My butt cheeks were not spared as well, her hands moved down my lower back ending at my buttocks and she rubbed and caressed them like I did when I held her breasts earlier.

Moving her hand in front, she held my penis in her hand and continued masturbating me. Staying in my vulnerable position, I did not resist and closed my eyes once more, silently enjoying my baby’s touch. At about the same time, she moved up and started to trace her nipples up and down my back. This sexy act of her sent even stronger sensations to me as I arched my back higher so I could experience it more. She was moaning again and I turn my head around and saw that she had her other hand between her legs, rubbing herself as she slowly increased the tempo on me.

We kept at this for only a short moment, her actions hurtling me towards the “light at the end of the cave”. I didn’t even need to concentrate on my incoming orgasm, her moans, feeling her breasts rubbing my back and her constant rubbing of my manhood just seemed too much for me to control.

I willed myself to relax as I felt my leg muscles familiarly start to tense up for the inevitable climax. She was also driving herself to another orgasm as her moans began to increase in volume and her body began to push against me with renewed strength. I held back for as long as I could but alas, it was too much for me to bear. Succumbing to nature, I gave out a short grunt and held the tightening in my legs as I released control and ejaculated into the water. The feeling was mutual as she pushed hard on me and yelped her own, having climaxed for a second time.

We had a quick shower. The semen soaked water was released back into the sewers as we soaped one another down and playfully sprayed it off. She was smiling a lot and I warmed whenever she laughed.

They say the beginning is always the sweetest and carries the most memories. We toweled one another dry and I even helped blow dry her hair whilst looking at the reflection of her nude body in the mirror. To me, she was the sexiest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever had. She leaned back against me and I held her from the back, both of us looking at one another in the mirror. No words were said but emotions were definitely running wild and were very strong for one another.

The room was especially cold as we got out of the bathroom. The air con was running since we entered and myself, being afraid of the cold, quickly scrambled under the sheets and I beckoned her to join me. We lay in bed, the comforter all the way up to our necks, rejecting the cold air as we held one another. The closeness we shared was indescribable.

Underneath the layers of sheets and the comforter, my hands went towards her breasts again, cupping and fondling them and frequently making my way to touch her soft butt. We kissed again, not the raw lustful kiss that we’re so familiar with but soft and gentle, the tip of our tongues meeting and toying with each other.

It was a surprise for me to grow hard again, wanting more. It seemed that I was raring to go another round and maybe more, if time permits. I pushed her hair away from her face and spread small little kisses all over her face and neck. She seemed to like them, especially the ones concentrated around her neck and in between her cleavage.

Climbing atop her, we were both ready for the traditional missionary game. This was to be the moment that I had been waiting for, for so long. An eternity it must have seemed, as disappointments came and went over the years. But they were all nothing as compared to what I was feeling right now. Making out with one’s true love is more sacred that any other encounter that was otherwise.

She moved her hands downwards between us and felt my readied weapon, “Wah lau dear! You are hard again so fast?”

I responded with a smile and kissed her again fully on the lips as I readjusted myself for the long-awaited penetration.

“Dear, wait!” She held me back before I could join our bodies as one. I looked at her puzzled, “Yes baby?”

“Put on your condom first.” She said as a matter-of-factly.

I didn’t have any condom on me, neither did I thought of buying any in my rush to come here. “Baby, you don’t trust me? I don’t have any cause I came in a rush after seeing your SMS.”

She shook her head negatively and said, “No dear, I don’t want us to get into trouble if I get pregnant. You know it’s so hard to control when we start.”

I lay back on the bed, shocked at the turn of events. After all the hiatus of rushing over, and our tryst in the bathroom, all that is holding us back now was the fact that we do not have a condom!?

Heart wrenching disappointment washed over me as I took in the situation. Stopped by a bloody condom, what a story that would make for the guys once they knew about it. She leaned over and hugged me reassuringly. “Dear, sorry.” Her words trailed off as she couldn’t find anything more to add.

I held her close, my manhood already limp, “It’s ok baby. Don’t forget I’m the man with no sex on the Internet.” She half laughed at that statement, snuggling up close beside me.

“We’ll do it properly next time ok, dear?” She whispered.

She fell asleep as she lay on my shoulder, soft snoring as I looked up to the cornices on the ceiling and wondered what an unfortunate twist we had to an already beautiful afternoon. Her mobile phone sounded an incoming SMS sometime later in the early evening when her sisters arrived and I woke her up. We dressed and proceeded downstairs to the buffet restaurant known as The Line for dinner.

Dinner was uneventful, the situation earlier kept bugging me and I quietly contemplated how much different if I had stopped at a petrol kiosk along the way to just pick up a pack of condoms. I didn’t have much to say but smiled politely and helped the ladies pick up delicacies after delicacies as they ate.

All I wanted now was a chance to replay the afternoon again, I wasn’t filled with regret but it was something else indescribable that made me feel weird. Looking out of the glass panels towards the pool, I suddenly had a thought that made me cringe.

Damn, I am never gonna have sex in real life…